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Logo Design 

Logo Design

How to choose your logo type?
Your business type defines your logo type.

A logo isn't a decoration piece or a graphic design artwork; it is memorable icon that triggers certain emotions, memories and experiences by your customers. It is the summary of a powerful brand identity. 

The best logo design is the one that works on all marketing material and mediums such as printed materials: stationery, business card, letterhead, name badge, packaging, advertising, and all kind of online usage like website and social media, etc. 

A great logo is unique, timeless, memorable and appealing to your target audience, it defines your brand and stands out from your competitors. 

A strong logo mark represents your business, service, or industry. It tells potential customers about who you are, what you do, and how you might help them. 


At Artyzone we're offering you a logo designing services that is unparalleled and cost-effective. Your logo is such an essential part of your brand, you want to make sure it’s done well. Professional logo design sets you apart from the competition, shows your professionalism and encourages brand loyalty.


Building a strong brand identity, logo is the first element to be considered. We start your logo design based on your brand strategy, brand persona with full understanding of your target customers and what they like and how they would like to be talked to. 


People fall in love with brands, because they feel understood and taken care off. In order to attract potential customers your brand needs to look appealing. It speaks visually and your logo is the first word you say… So you want to look your best, right? 

Let’s start with the 5 basic types of logo and how to use them:


01. Wordmark logo

A wordmark – also known as logotype – is the simplest type of logo, representing the company’s name in text alone. They may be based on handwriting, signatures, custom fonts or existing fonts

Famous examples include the logos for Coca-Cola, Disney, Mobil, Canon, Sony, Visa, Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Pinterest.


02. Lettermark logo

Also known as a monogram logo, is made of text based on the initials of the company or brand name, i.e. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Hewlett-Packard (HP), Procter & Gamble (P&G).

A lettermark is a good choice for a company whose name is difficult to pronounce, or too long to work in most media. Lettermark logo will also make it easier for your audience to remember your logo and name, especially in global markets.


At Artyzone we design logos that are visually distinctive and instantly recognizable.

3. Brandmark logo

Also known as a pictorial mark, a brandmark contains no text but is an image, icon or symbol that represents the company or brand. It connects audiences with your brand a on a deeper, more instinctive level, as the brain responds to an image rather than a written text. Famous examples include the Apple, the Nike ‘Swoosh’, the Instagram camera.


At Artyzone we design brandmarks that are recognized on a global market, as it can be instantly understood everywhere in the world. 


04. Combination mark logo

It is a combination of wordmark and symbol. Famous examples include the logos for Adidas, Lacoste, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s.


Combination mark conveys a visual idea of what the brand represents, and making it clear what it’s called, means your logo is more distinctive and less likely to be confused with other brands’ logos. It’s particularly useful for new or less well-known brands.


With this type of logo, it’s difficult to reduce the design down to smaller sizes. Therefore it’s ideal if the different elements can used separately as well as in combination. 


05. Emblem logo

An emblem involves both text and symbol, but in this case the text appears inside the symbol. Famous examples of emblems include the logos for Ford, Starbucks, Harley-Davidson, MasterCard, Burger King.

Historically used by organizations such as schools, charities, sports teams and government agencies, and resembling a badge or seal, this style of logo can lend an air of authority and authenticity to a modern-day brand.

Some of the shown work are part of our previous experience/ portfolio and not necessary ARTYZONE Property

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